“The world is a book…

… and those who do not travel read only one page” – Augustine of Hippo.

To me this is as true as it could be. But books are not only a metafor for the world if you ask me. They are also a very important to bring whenever you travel. I wish I read at least 1 or 2 books each month in my daily life but that is just not happening – unfortunately. But when I’m travelling I read and I read and I read. And I love it. To me, books and travelling go together like bacon and egg – you can have them seperaterly but bringing them together is twice as good!


Me, captivated by ‘Beirut, I love you – a Memoir’ (Zena El Khalil) in a cosy tapas bar in Barcelona, Spain

I always underestimate my own reading abilities and the pace in which I devour the books I bring when I travel. So I always end up buying more books. But I’m also very guilty in buying too many books. I just cant help it. Whenever I enter at small, cosy bookstore in the streets of Amsterdam, or a huge, 3-floor Barnes&Noble in Edinburgh, I spent hours and hours browsing around and I always end up buying way more than I should.

Now that you know my little side-addiction (travelling being my main addiction, obviously), I’ll tell you about the books I plan to bring on my next trip. Since I will be going to Bali for 2.5 months I try to bring a lot of English books – it opens up for the oppotunity to ‘trade’ books with other travellers I meet.


This book is a cliché, and I think that almost every woman has seen the movie at least once and dreamt of doing the same as the main character in it. The book is about a woman travelling to Italy, India and – surprise surprise – Bali. I have seen the movie a coupple of times and know everything that happens in it. But since 1/3 of the book is taking place in Ubud in Bali, which is the exact city I’ll live in for the main part of my stay, I thought it would be fun to read the book.


I first heard the story about Robyn Davidson (oh yes, it’s a true story – how crazy is that) when I went to Australia in Autumn 2014. I was so impressed by the story and my wanderlust hit me imediately, even though I was travelling at the time. I knew I had to know more about her and her story! But the trip in Australia continued, I experienced a lot of amazing things and when I went back to Denmark, I’d forgotten all about Robyn Daivdson and her journey. But then a few weeks ago I stumbled upon her book ‘Tracks’, which is her own memoir of the journey and I just knew right there that I had to bring it on my next trip. So that’s what I’m going to do, and I can’t wait to start reading!


I must admit that I’ve already begun reading this one. But I’ve been so busy the past few days with all my planning and packing for Bali that I haven’t got the chance to really sit down and immerse myself into the book – so to say. I think I’ve read 20 or 25 pages and so far it’s veeery promising!


I read Tom Rachman’s first book ‘The Imperfectionists’ a few years ago and I just loved it. It was a real page-turner! So when ‘The Rise and Fall of Great Powers’ came out, I knew I had to get my hands on it. Unfortunately I’m not rich and I rarely buy books at their full price. So when I found his second book as a pocket book I bought it right away. I’m really looking forward to read this and just to give you an apetizer of how great this book is (or how great I suppose it will be…) I’ve found an extract from Goodreads.com about the book:

“The Rise & Fall of Great Powers begins in a dusty bookshop. What follows is an abduction, heated political debate, glimpses into strangers’ homes, and travel around the globe. It’s a novel of curious personalities, mystery, and lots of books: volumes that the characters collect, covet, steal.”

Now my only problem is which one of the book I’ll start out with 😉


My very first shark dive!

Last spring I travelled around the world with a friend, and one of our stops were the Fiji Islands. We both had diver certificates and Fiji being mostly water seemed a perfect place to spent a lot of time diving. I think we had 10 or 12 dives all in all during the two weeks we were there. And one of them were a shark dive!

From the snorkel trip with the ‘small’ sharks some days before the thrilling ‘big shark’ dive

We actually hadn’t planned or even thought about diving with real sharks – and by real sharks, I mean 4-5 meter long bull sharks! Yeah, not kidding! We had celebrated my friends bithday by staying a day longer on an island, and planned a last dive before heading back to the main island on the last day. In the evening we asked some of the staff to set up the dive for us, and they told us to come to the reception the next where someone from an island near by would pick us up. When we boarded the small boat we expected it to be a quite dive with beautiful corals. But no – when we were half way to the dive site and the dive instructor had finished telling us about the dive site he added “Oh yeah, I there are sharks out there”. At first we got a little scared, but then we remembered the harmless 1-2 meter long sharks we had been snorkelling with a coupple of days earlier. But we were wrong – we were so wrong!

The dive itself were really amazing! Not only did we see lots of sharks. We also saw a turtle(!), swam through a small cave and were all alone together with the instructor. It was one of the best dives – except for some problems with my regulator in the middle of the dive. Mine broke and I had to change over to the instructor’s regulator and swim under him for the rest of the dive. I didn’t really think about the severity of the situation before we talked about the amazing shark dive later on – which was good, because panic would clearly not have made a situation with a broken regulator better in 18 meters depth.

Anyways I made a video from the shark dive with my GoPro – BUT this is my first ever GoPro video so I’m so sorry about the bad cutting etc 😛


Heaven on Earth

I went to Australia a while ago and travelled around in the North for about 3 weeks and then went to the east coast. I was in Cairns for a few days – and then I went to paradise!

Okay, that might be an exaggeration, but after spending 3 weeks in desert like areas in the Northern and Central parts of Australia it felt like it. It is a quite luxurious place and when we arrived (me and my family) we were greeted with delicious drinks and a short guide around the area. And everything was amazing! We were going to stay in small cottages on poles in the middle of the rainforest. The little heaven on Earth is called Silky Oaks Lodge.

Normally I like to spent money on experiences and not accomondation, but on longer trips I normally book one stay in a above-average hotel 😉

To give you a chance to see how amazing the Silky Oaks Lodge was to stay at, look at the picture below. And I almost forgot! The dishes at the restaurant itself costed more than I normally use on meals in a whole day, so prepare yourself for that, if you consider staying at the lodge.

The amazing lodge

The just as amazing bed😍

The view from the bed

A very dark picture of me enjoying my dinner and a glass of wine

Tea and candles were put in the lodge every evening✨

A pic from one of the small hikes in the area

The lunch spot on the hike

Me enjoying afternoon tea (I am not kidding you, it was like being in a British colony getaway kind of place)

Me in my bathroom and on my way to a magnificent spa treatment😍



Practical checklist

It doesn’t matter if you are planning a longer journey or just a week off to somewhere sunny – there are always plenty of things to remember, which to me means too many things to forget. Even though I would describe myself as a seasoned traveller (my age taken in consideration) I always manage to forget something whenever I’m planning my next journey. I’m not talking about forgetting a bikini or my hiking boots. I mean I forget updating my insurance, leave my international drivers license at home or something like that. If you are like me fear not my dear! I’m here to save you – or at least to try and help you.


  • Make sure your passport aren’t about to expire!
  • Take a look at your insurance. Does it cover the part of the world you are travelling to? If you are into adrenalin adventures like bungy jumping or skydiving, does it cover? And what do you have to do in an emergency? If you have any doubt just contact your insurance company, and I’m sure they’ll be happy to help you
  • Ask you doctor about the vaccinations you need. Some vaccinations have to be given twice and over a longer period of time, so as soon as you now the dates and countries for you journey, contact your local clinic. And be aware that some of the prices for the vaccinations can be pretty spicy so remember to make them part of your budget.
  • Be sure you know were your cards, ids etc are. E.g. diver’s license, international driver’s license, student id.


  • Take a look at your insurance and make sure it covers the part of the world you are going to visit.
  • Do take a look at your passports expirery date
  • Remember to look at the local holidays to make sure the musuems or attractions you are going to visit aren’t closed when you’re there.


I’ve probably forgotten some things on the lists, but they might help you a little bit anyway 🙂


Little Italy in Sweden

I live in the Eastern part of Denmark, which is very close to Sweden. It takes about 20 minutes by car across the bridge in Copenhagen to get to Malmö (third largest city in Sweden). I go there with my family every year and we always visit the same, Italian restaurant – La Trattoria.

Everything about this little pearl is just magnificent! There are only like 10 or 15 tables inside the room and the kitchen looks so small as well. When you step in there you might as well be in Rome – except from the Swedish words coming from all around the room when you step in. The walls are filled with pictures from the owner’s hometown and on the bar you’ll find bottled olive oil from the family’s farm in Italy – ready to be bought.

After being seated at one of the tables with the mandatory checkered tablecloths and candlelight the waiter hands over the menus to you and from there on it’s all up to you to indulge in the amazing food! My personal favorite is the Antipasto Misto and Pane All’Aglio which is perfect to share for apetizers. As a main you have to try the Frutti Di Mare or one of the perfect pizzas! And if you’d like a dessert the pannacotta is to die for!

Oh, and did I mention that they have their own little super cute car?


What to drink were

It’s no secret that I’m very fond of drinking. Not binge drinking, but enjoying a glass of wine, indulging in a gin tonic or dreaming myself away to Cuba while sipping a mojito. So I thought why take a small trip around the world but in beverages instead of by plane? It’s not quite the same, but you might still manage to get at feeling of flying if you drink enough 😉 But be careful! The landing might not be as pleasant as it often is with a plane.


To me tequila is a road to disaster. Does not taste good, it makes you crazy and yet you drink so much of it. Which is why I was very sceptic when a friend of mine served tequila after a dinner just like you would serve a dessert wine. But no he was not joking. The tequila was brought in Mexico by his sister, and he explained to me that it actually tasted very different from the transparent, water-looking tequila they normally serve in bars. I thought maybe he was right – I mean the colour was different, and the bottle didn’t have a stupid little red had on the top. So he poured it and I wouldn’t say it immediatly became my new favorite drink, but it was not that bad actually. It actually tasted like okay and there wasn’t that nasty taste in you mouth afterwards. So just board the drinking plane, buy a proper bottle of tequila and your view on tequila will be changed forever (or at least till the next time someone hands you one of the nasty water-coloured shots together with some salt and a slices of lemon).


I really like champagne. And I’m not talking about the trashy bubbly lemonade-ish “champagne” you can buy in supermarkets. I talk about real champagne. Everything about it is different. Without sounding like a snob, real champagne just has something about it that makes everything better – your mood, your conversations, your smile. The taste is so tasty and rich! It makes you feel like you’re on a small balcony somewhere in the middle of France – if you use your imagination or drink a lot of it.But it isn’t cheap so just buy it whenever you really deserve it or has someting to celebrate.


This is probably one of my favorite summer drinks. It just tastes like summer. The fresh fruit, the wine, the juice – yum! And then you can be a bit experimental with it. Make it with white wine or rose, and the add whatever fruits you’d like! There are so many possiblities and you can almost never go wrong. Furthermore almost anybody likes sangria, and it really gets you in a good mood. It’s like a combination of fruit salat and wine!  What else could you ask for on a hot summerday? Oh, and just a tip – pair it with some tapas. I mean who doesn’t like tapas?

… of course there are a huge amount of other drinks you can indulge in this summer, but that’ll have to wait for another day! Enjoy the sun and enjoy the drinks!

MoMa, my love

I love museums! Since I was a little girl my parents have always brought me to all kinds of museums. From small, local history museums to huge, well-known museums like the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. I must admit that sometimes I was a bit bored, but I still appreciated the visits, and still do. Today I’m so grateful they brought me! Everywhere I go in the world I always visit museums and gosh I love it. Of course some museums are better than others. It’s not only what’s in the museuems I find interesting – often the building in which the museum is located can be very beautiful or extraordinary itself. And example of a museum that got it all is MoMa!


If you know a little bit about New York or museums (in general) you’ve heard about it. I visited MoMa for the first time last summer and it was so amazing. Even though I had the a horrible headache I enjoyed it so much! From the moment you see the building from the outside you just know that you’re in for something special. And when you get inside you wont get dissapointed I promise you! Furthermore the art is always changing and very modern – which I really like.

So the next time you go to New York, pay MoMa a visit. Even if you’ve been there before it’s always worth another.



Travel journals

When I was a little girl my mom always told me to write a little something every night whenever we were on a holiday. Just what I had been doing that day, what I’d seen or something new I’d tried or tasted. Sometimes I hated it – I was just tired and didn’t really want to. But God! I’m so glad I did what my momma told me! First of all it is so nice to be able to look back at all my family vacations/holidays and read about what we’d been up to. Often you forget about small incidents – something special you’ve met, something extraordinary you’ve seen,  or maybe just something you’ve overheard on a small café. I really appreciate all my travel diaries more and more with time. Apart from that it has followed me throughout my whole life so far (okay, okay I’m only 20 – but it still counts). Every time I travel – even though it’s only short weekend trips – I write a travel journal. It can be nice to end a journey or trip with looking back into the journal you’ve been writing while on the trip, but it is just as nice to read the years after.

To me it is kind of meditative to write and I’ve always had something for pretty little notebooks. Earlier on I used the funniest, prettiest or most colourful notebook to write my travel journal in. But a coupple of years ago I got my eyes up for Moleskine. They make the loveliest notebooks you can imagine. And yes. You always have to pay for it! But it’s worth it if you ask me. It feels so good to write in something as simple yet good as a Moleskine notebook. Therefore I have a whole bunch of Moleskine notebooks filled with memories and notes from my travelling. On my longer journeys I bring two different ones – one ruled and one blank. One to write in and one to draw in. My drawing skills are not anything to write home about but I often enjoy LAVE KRUSEDULLER OG SMÅ SKRAVLERIER.

If you are not already writing a travel diary/journal I suggest you to start doing it! I bet you’ll thank yourself in the future J


Fiji adventure

Last spring I took off on a trip around the world. One of the many stops was Fiji. But Fiji is just not one stop. There are more than 300 islands of different sizes! My friend and I went on a islands hopping trip and stayed on 6 different islands throughout the 14 days we were there – but we could have spent forever exploring the many islands! When sailing around you feel like there is no end to the amount of islands emerging in the horizont. Some small, some big. Some vulcanic, some beachy, some full of forests and small cottages.

Wherever you go on Fiji you are met by the following four things:

  1. So. Much. Happiness
    It seems as if everybody on Fiji is just happy all the time. No matter where you are you will be met by a smiling face or somebody wanting to help you. It is so wonderful and you can’t help but feel welcome at the Fiji islands!
  2. Sun all the time (almost)
    It is often too hot (for me) to stay in the sun mid day, but then you can just enjoy the ocean or some of the hammocks that are place on a lot of the islands. Or you can enjoy some of the many activities offered on the different islands. When I was there I went diving 10 times, but if you dont have a diver’s certificate you can just snorkel and still see a lot of magnificent things. I would very muc recommend you to visit one of the islands where you can see stingrays! It is so amazing to snorkel above the huge, mesmerizing animals.
  3. Traditions and lovely food
    Together with the lovely people comes a lot of really delicious dishes! You must try them all! The Fijians can really cook some damn good food. Furthermore there are a lot of tradition which they’ll gladly tell you more about. You also must try kava if you go to Fiji. But let me warn you: it tastes exactly the way it looks.
  4. Cheap drinks
    A lot of the islands have some very cheap prices when it comes to alcohol, so before you go to Fiji, make up your mind: are you going there to party or to relax or a third thing? When you’ve decided upon it ask about the different islands you plan on visiting at the bureau you are planning through or at the tourist information when you get there. It’s a nasty surprise to get to a party island if you just want to relax and watch the beautiful sunrises.

But I can’t describe how wonderfull Fiji is actually. So I guess you have to go there!


American Book Center

ABC. The best bookstore in Amsterdam, if you can’t speak a word Dutch.

Amsterdam is one of my favorite cities in the whole, wide world – or at least in Europe. It reminds me a lot of the capital in Denmark, Copenhagen. But Amsterdam just has something. There are few cars, lots of canals, bikes everywhere, small shops with all sorts of things and whenever the weather is great, the city is even greater. And then there is ABC – American Book Center. Even though there is a Waterstone’s in Amsterdam as well, the American Book Center is just so much better. The shop has 3 floors and there are books EVERYWHERE! I can spend hours in there, and come back the next day and do the same. The staff are so nice and I can almost guarantee you that whatever you are looking for – you will find it in ABC. Art books, magazines, cook books, books about every religion and sect in the world, old novels, new novels, travel books – ANYTHING!

So if you come by Amsterdam, you need to stop by ABC!

Oh yeah, and I forgot to say that there is a tree in the middle of the store, which makes it even better! You can take a look inside yourself here