Practical checklist

It doesn’t matter if you are planning a longer journey or just a week off to somewhere sunny – there are always plenty of things to remember, which to me means too many things to forget. Even though I would describe myself as a seasoned traveller (my age taken in consideration) I always manage to forget something whenever I’m planning my next journey. I’m not talking about forgetting a bikini or my hiking boots. I mean I forget updating my insurance, leave my international drivers license at home or something like that. If you are like me fear not my dear! I’m here to save you – or at least to try and help you.


  • Make sure your passport aren’t about to expire!
  • Take a look at your insurance. Does it cover the part of the world you are travelling to? If you are into adrenalin adventures like bungy jumping or skydiving, does it cover? And what do you have to do in an emergency? If you have any doubt just contact your insurance company, and I’m sure they’ll be happy to help you
  • Ask you doctor about the vaccinations you need. Some vaccinations have to be given twice and over a longer period of time, so as soon as you now the dates and countries for you journey, contact your local clinic. And be aware that some of the prices for the vaccinations can be pretty spicy so remember to make them part of your budget.
  • Be sure you know were your cards, ids etc are. E.g. diver’s license, international driver’s license, student id.


  • Take a look at your insurance and make sure it covers the part of the world you are going to visit.
  • Do take a look at your passports expirery date
  • Remember to look at the local holidays to make sure the musuems or attractions you are going to visit aren’t closed when you’re there.


I’ve probably forgotten some things on the lists, but they might help you a little bit anyway 🙂