Heaven on Earth

I went to Australia a while ago and travelled around in the North for about 3 weeks and then went to the east coast. I was in Cairns for a few days – and then I went to paradise!

Okay, that might be an exaggeration, but after spending 3 weeks in desert like areas in the Northern and Central parts of Australia it felt like it. It is a quite luxurious place and when we arrived (me and my family) we were greeted with delicious drinks and a short guide around the area. And everything was amazing! We were going to stay in small cottages on poles in the middle of the rainforest. The little heaven on Earth is called Silky Oaks Lodge.

Normally I like to spent money on experiences and not accomondation, but on longer trips I normally book one stay in a above-average hotel 😉

To give you a chance to see how amazing the Silky Oaks Lodge was to stay at, look at the picture below. And I almost forgot! The dishes at the restaurant itself costed more than I normally use on meals in a whole day, so prepare yourself for that, if you consider staying at the lodge.

The amazing lodge

The just as amazing bed😍

The view from the bed

A very dark picture of me enjoying my dinner and a glass of wine

Tea and candles were put in the lodge every evening✨

A pic from one of the small hikes in the area

The lunch spot on the hike

Me enjoying afternoon tea (I am not kidding you, it was like being in a British colony getaway kind of place)

Me in my bathroom and on my way to a magnificent spa treatment😍