What to drink were

It’s no secret that I’m very fond of drinking. Not binge drinking, but enjoying a glass of wine, indulging in a gin tonic or dreaming myself away to Cuba while sipping a mojito. So I thought why take a small trip around the world but in beverages instead of by plane? It’s not quite the same, but you might still manage to get at feeling of flying if you drink enough 😉 But be careful! The landing might not be as pleasant as it often is with a plane.


To me tequila is a road to disaster. Does not taste good, it makes you crazy and yet you drink so much of it. Which is why I was very sceptic when a friend of mine served tequila after a dinner just like you would serve a dessert wine. But no he was not joking. The tequila was brought in Mexico by his sister, and he explained to me that it actually tasted very different from the transparent, water-looking tequila they normally serve in bars. I thought maybe he was right – I mean the colour was different, and the bottle didn’t have a stupid little red had on the top. So he poured it and I wouldn’t say it immediatly became my new favorite drink, but it was not that bad actually. It actually tasted like okay and there wasn’t that nasty taste in you mouth afterwards. So just board the drinking plane, buy a proper bottle of tequila and your view on tequila will be changed forever (or at least till the next time someone hands you one of the nasty water-coloured shots together with some salt and a slices of lemon).


I really like champagne. And I’m not talking about the trashy bubbly lemonade-ish “champagne” you can buy in supermarkets. I talk about real champagne. Everything about it is different. Without sounding like a snob, real champagne just has something about it that makes everything better – your mood, your conversations, your smile. The taste is so tasty and rich! It makes you feel like you’re on a small balcony somewhere in the middle of France – if you use your imagination or drink a lot of it.But it isn’t cheap so just buy it whenever you really deserve it or has someting to celebrate.


This is probably one of my favorite summer drinks. It just tastes like summer. The fresh fruit, the wine, the juice – yum! And then you can be a bit experimental with it. Make it with white wine or rose, and the add whatever fruits you’d like! There are so many possiblities and you can almost never go wrong. Furthermore almost anybody likes sangria, and it really gets you in a good mood. It’s like a combination of fruit salat and wine!  What else could you ask for on a hot summerday? Oh, and just a tip – pair it with some tapas. I mean who doesn’t like tapas?

… of course there are a huge amount of other drinks you can indulge in this summer, but that’ll have to wait for another day! Enjoy the sun and enjoy the drinks!