5 adrenaline rushes I’ll never forget

Hanggliding in Jutland

I tried this last autumn, and it was so scary to hang under a tiny ‘skelet’ made out of steel, and just trust the man underneath me to bring me safely down to the ground. But the feeling while flying around in the air was absolutely amazing and I can only recommend everybody to do it. Apart from that, it’s also very cheap, compared to some of the other things on this list.


Being pulled up into the air before flying around

Adrenaline: 7 out of 10
Cost: 5 out of 10

Bungy jump

I did this in Queenstown in New Zealand, and probably not under the best conditions. To make a long story short I’d been given intevenuse antibiotics the previous 3 days and was on hard medication, but I wanted to do it so bad, that it didn’t stop me. I did around 50 meters, and the feeling of the free fall towards the ground was so scary! No words can describe the few second free fall – your mind and body are convinced that you’re about to die, but then the string catches you. It was crazy, but fun!


400 metres above Queenstown and from where I jumped :O

Adrenaline: 9.5 out of 10
Cost: 8 out of 10


This was also in New Zealand but closer to the East coast and Christchurch. My friend and I drove out to a field and went into a hall. We’d pre-order the dive, but we didn’t really know what to expect – but we did not expect what met us! When we went into the big hall we were met by Bob Marley music and the kindest and most down-to-earth persons you could imagine! Everybody were so kind and 1-2-3 we were in a small plane above the ground. The dive itself was the most amazing thing I’ve ever tried! I loved it so much! The fall and the rush that comes with it when you’re getting closer and closer to the ground in a free fall, but also the time after the parachute is out and you just glide through the wind and look down.

Adrenaline: 10 out of 10
Cost: 10 out of 10

Cave, wreck and shark dive

So I have a diver’s certificate. I can’t really use it that much because of a lot of problems with my ears. But when I travel to exotic places like Fiji, Bali and Australia I just can’t help myself. Some of the most spectacular dives I’ve done was a cave and shark dive on Fiji – with 4 meter long bull sharks (known for being very agressive.. which I didn’t know before after the dive :O ) and biiig caves! There were so many sharks and my oxygen tank even broke while down there, but my body didn’t realize it before we were back on the surface and suddenly it all hit me! It had been so scary but so mesmerizing at the same time.


Coming out of the ‘coral’ cave in Fiji

Adrenaline: 10 out of 10
Cost: 5 out of 10

Climb a mountain next to an about-to-erupt volcano

Read about the amazing but dangerous journey here 🙂


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