About Bali…

I’ve so far lived in Penestanan at Bali for a bit over a month and figured that I’d tell you a bit about a few of the ‘special moments’ you’ll have when you live somewhere instead of just travelling from place to place all the time.


You get to know the people. Not every single person in the village but the people you interact with on a daily basis. For me that is first of all the family I live with. At Bali you live in big compounds with a whole family together – the family we live with just have a few more houses in their compund where us volunteers live. Especially the mother in the family, Made, the father Waryan and the two sons Waryan and Waryan hav made the stay extraordinary! They are the loveliest and most warming people I’ve met in a long time! Apart from that there are some of the guys working at the organisation who also lives in the village, who’s made the stay so great! We hang out with them, listen to them playing music and just have a great time throughout the day. Furthermore the owner of the local cafe Kopi Desa is a funny guy who’s doing movie nights and letting us pick the movies 😉 Apart from all of these lovely people the Balinese people is very helpful and smiling all the time and it is by far one of the most welcoming countries I’ve been to so far when it comes to the people living here.


When we walk around Penestanan in the evening it’s often the same people sitting in the shops and on the corners who greets us. The sun goes down around 6 o’clock and the time around sunset is my absolut favorite time of the day. First of all because of the temperature – it’s so comfortable. Second of all the light. The light around sunset is so calming and beautiful! It makes you feel like your in a fairytale. And at last it’s when the locals start playing pingpong next to the taxi corner. You can always hear them shouting and clapping whenever you pass by.


Sometimes you can be lucky enough to stumbl upon some small secret places in your neighbourhood. It can be an empty building filled with painting all over the walls (on the way to the Bintang supermarket). Or it can be a temple you didn’t know was there.
One evening I was walking back to the house with two of my friends and we suddenly hear what sounded like bells ringing near by. We’ve walked that way several time every day for the past month, so we where surprised to hear new sounds. We followed the sounds and found a big temple with around 20-25 women playing on bells and drums. It was amazing to listen to and to watch, and reminded me about that even though I feel like I know the village I live in I’m still a stranger in so many ways.