Exploring Ubud

I’m currently living in the small village Penestanan close to Ubud and yesterday I went to Ubud to get to know the biggest town in the area a bit better. I’ve made a suggestion for you – a timeplan for a day in Ubud 🙂

First of all if you are not staying in Ubud you will need to get there, and the traffic is just impossible to predict. You should book a cab a day before you are leaving and bargain about the price! If you are going other places than just Ubud it might be a good idea to book a cab for the whole day – I booked a big one for 400.000 for a whole day together with 6 others. This might give you an idea about how much you should expect to pay.

There are a lot of things to see in Ubud, but because of the Eat Pray Love movie and book, which takes place in Ubud, the town has become quite ‘touristic’. So take you precautions and don’t underestimate the sneaky salesmen on the markets trying to make you pay overprice for everything.

Anyways you should start out by heading towards the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. In the afternoon there will be a lot of tourists there and it will be so hot! Apart from the monkey running around everywhere looking cute (and being little devils! dont understimate them) the scenery in the sanctuary is very nice. Beware of monkeys jumping on your back and do follow the precautions they give you at the entrance. When I was there a monkey stole the glasses out of a bag of a tourist while he just thought the monkey wanted to say hi! But most of the monkeys are just cute, and it is a must, if you go to Ubud.

After the monkey forest you can enjoy some coconut juice, a smoothie or maybe an ice cream in of the many stores on the Ubud Monkey Forest Road. The road is well-known for the many shops, so if you are in the mood you can take a look!

For lunch just pop into one of the many restaurants and maybe order some of the awesome noodle dishes or some springrolls with glassnoodles. If you like beer you must try the Bintang beer! It is so good and really fresh and light but with a great taste!

After lunch head towards one of the many temples in Ubud and maybe stop by a marked on the way there. But be prepared to turn down a lot of taxi offers on the way there if you are walking.

If you are up to it you should take a cab to Tegenungang Waterfall just North of Ubud (15-20 min from the center of Ubud). It is really beautiful and a great way to cool down while taking in the beautiful scenery away from the traffic.

You can finish of you day with a nice dinner in Ubud or head back to where you are staying. No matter what Ubud and it’s surroundings are worth a visit!


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