What am I doing in Bali?

This spring I decided to stop at University of Copenhagen where I had been studying for a bachelor in social studies (more about that another time) and I had no doubt about what I was going to study instead (a professional bachelor in communication). But I also wanted to travel. So I worked hard from mid-March until, well, the day of my depature to Bali. At first I’d planned to go to India, but that didn’t work out, so I decided upon Bali instead. And thank god! I’ve only been here for one day and I already like it – except for the extreme humidity and constant 29-30 degrees celsius.

I am going to be a volunteer at the Green Lion projects in Ubud, which for now involves teaching children English and about the environment. This I will be doing for 6 weeks – or actually only 5 weeks, because the first week is a so called cultural week. In the cultural week I will learn about the Balinese culture and get to know the other volunteers.

In the weekends I have time to explore Bali on my own and I can’t wait to do so!

After the 6 weeks with the volunteer program, I have 1.5 week before I head back to Denmark.
For the first 3 days I will be doing a mountain climb in a volcanic area, which among other things involves some pretty extraordinary sunrises I expect. After this I’ll go to the famous Gilli Trawangan island. I will be staying there for a week and I’ve prebooked a few dives but apart from that I think I’ll just relax and look back at some amazing weeks in Bali.



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