My very first shark dive!

Last spring I travelled around the world with a friend, and one of our stops were the Fiji Islands. We both had diver certificates and Fiji being mostly water seemed a perfect place to spent a lot of time diving. I think we had 10 or 12 dives all in all during the two weeks we were there. And one of them were a shark dive!

From the snorkel trip with the ‘small’ sharks some days before the thrilling ‘big shark’ dive

We actually hadn’t planned or even thought about diving with real sharks – and by real sharks, I mean 4-5 meter long bull sharks! Yeah, not kidding! We had celebrated my friends bithday by staying a day longer on an island, and planned a last dive before heading back to the main island on the last day. In the evening we asked some of the staff to set up the dive for us, and they told us to come to the reception the next where someone from an island near by would pick us up. When we boarded the small boat we expected it to be a quite dive with beautiful corals. But no – when we were half way to the dive site and the dive instructor had finished telling us about the dive site he added “Oh yeah, I there are sharks out there”. At first we got a little scared, but then we remembered the harmless 1-2 meter long sharks we had been snorkelling with a coupple of days earlier. But we were wrong – we were so wrong!

The dive itself were really amazing! Not only did we see lots of sharks. We also saw a turtle(!), swam through a small cave and were all alone together with the instructor. It was one of the best dives – except for some problems with my regulator in the middle of the dive. Mine broke and I had to change over to the instructor’s regulator and swim under him for the rest of the dive. I didn’t really think about the severity of the situation before we talked about the amazing shark dive later on – which was good, because panic would clearly not have made a situation with a broken regulator better in 18 meters depth.

Anyways I made a video from the shark dive with my GoPro – BUT this is my first ever GoPro video so I’m so sorry about the bad cutting etc 😛



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