Bali’s beautiful East Coast 

Ubud is a perfect place to stay because it is almost in the Middle of Bali so you can do a lot of one-day trips or maybe weekend trips. At the same time there are a lot og attractions in the area around Ubud.

An idea for a one day trip is to go to the East Coast. It is a good idea to book a taxi a day in advance. But be prepared to bargain for your price and that you might have to find a new one if the pre-booked doesn’t show up.

Start out by going to the Pura Goa Lawah (Bat Cave temple). There are a lot of people because both tourists and Balinese people go  here. Remember your sarong and to cover your shoulders as well as to put your hair up. If you dont have a sarong you can rent one for 6,000 IDD.

From the ceremony at Pura Goa Lawah

The day I went to the Pura Goa Lawah was on a national holiday so I couldn’t get close to the cave itself because there was a ceremony. But you could still hear the bats and see the cave and the not-so big temple. And it was really nice to watch the ceremony and all the people praying in their beautiful and very colourful clothes.

After the Pura Goa Lawah cross the road and watch the beautiful black sand beach – a bit polluted on the right side but if you look left you’ll see a more pretty side of the black.

Black Sand Beach

If you feel like exploring and dont mind a long drive you can go to the  Putih Pura in the Northern parts of the East Coast. This is a small beach where you have to walk 1.5 km and on the way walk through a small temple. But the beach is picture-perfect!

If you’re not up for the long ride you can go to the Blue Lagoon Beach and enjoy the postcard view. There are a lot of good snorkel opportunities and if you feel up for it, or you can just relax on one of the small beaches in the area. DO be aware of the following: a lot of the beaches are quite small and you have to rent a chair.

In the evening when you drive back to Ubud, go for a stop in the city Gianyar and go to the famous night market! It is a street market that opens at approximately 5 o’clock in the evening. You can buy all kinds of food there but it might be a good idea to eat after or prior if you have a sensible stomach 😉

After the market return to Ubud and relax for the rest of the evening.


Exploring Ubud

I’m currently living in the small village Penestanan close to Ubud and yesterday I went to Ubud to get to know the biggest town in the area a bit better. I’ve made a suggestion for you – a timeplan for a day in Ubud 🙂

First of all if you are not staying in Ubud you will need to get there, and the traffic is just impossible to predict. You should book a cab a day before you are leaving and bargain about the price! If you are going other places than just Ubud it might be a good idea to book a cab for the whole day – I booked a big one for 400.000 for a whole day together with 6 others. This might give you an idea about how much you should expect to pay.

There are a lot of things to see in Ubud, but because of the Eat Pray Love movie and book, which takes place in Ubud, the town has become quite ‘touristic’. So take you precautions and don’t underestimate the sneaky salesmen on the markets trying to make you pay overprice for everything.

Anyways you should start out by heading towards the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. In the afternoon there will be a lot of tourists there and it will be so hot! Apart from the monkey running around everywhere looking cute (and being little devils! dont understimate them) the scenery in the sanctuary is very nice. Beware of monkeys jumping on your back and do follow the precautions they give you at the entrance. When I was there a monkey stole the glasses out of a bag of a tourist while he just thought the monkey wanted to say hi! But most of the monkeys are just cute, and it is a must, if you go to Ubud.

After the monkey forest you can enjoy some coconut juice, a smoothie or maybe an ice cream in of the many stores on the Ubud Monkey Forest Road. The road is well-known for the many shops, so if you are in the mood you can take a look!

For lunch just pop into one of the many restaurants and maybe order some of the awesome noodle dishes or some springrolls with glassnoodles. If you like beer you must try the Bintang beer! It is so good and really fresh and light but with a great taste!

After lunch head towards one of the many temples in Ubud and maybe stop by a marked on the way there. But be prepared to turn down a lot of taxi offers on the way there if you are walking.

If you are up to it you should take a cab to Tegenungang Waterfall just North of Ubud (15-20 min from the center of Ubud). It is really beautiful and a great way to cool down while taking in the beautiful scenery away from the traffic.

You can finish of you day with a nice dinner in Ubud or head back to where you are staying. No matter what Ubud and it’s surroundings are worth a visit!

What am I doing in Bali?

This spring I decided to stop at University of Copenhagen where I had been studying for a bachelor in social studies (more about that another time) and I had no doubt about what I was going to study instead (a professional bachelor in communication). But I also wanted to travel. So I worked hard from mid-March until, well, the day of my depature to Bali. At first I’d planned to go to India, but that didn’t work out, so I decided upon Bali instead. And thank god! I’ve only been here for one day and I already like it – except for the extreme humidity and constant 29-30 degrees celsius.

I am going to be a volunteer at the Green Lion projects in Ubud, which for now involves teaching children English and about the environment. This I will be doing for 6 weeks – or actually only 5 weeks, because the first week is a so called cultural week. In the cultural week I will learn about the Balinese culture and get to know the other volunteers.

In the weekends I have time to explore Bali on my own and I can’t wait to do so!

After the 6 weeks with the volunteer program, I have 1.5 week before I head back to Denmark.
For the first 3 days I will be doing a mountain climb in a volcanic area, which among other things involves some pretty extraordinary sunrises I expect. After this I’ll go to the famous Gilli Trawangan island. I will be staying there for a week and I’ve prebooked a few dives but apart from that I think I’ll just relax and look back at some amazing weeks in Bali.


Bali on my mind

FIY I’m going to Bali for 2 months and the posts will mainly be about Bali, voluntary work and travelling alone for the next – yeah – 2 months :p 

Me getting ready to flyyyyy awaayyyy

If you have any questions about Bali or Maybe even something you would recommend me to do/try/taste, feel free to tell me❤️

“The world is a book…

… and those who do not travel read only one page” – Augustine of Hippo.

To me this is as true as it could be. But books are not only a metafor for the world if you ask me. They are also a very important to bring whenever you travel. I wish I read at least 1 or 2 books each month in my daily life but that is just not happening – unfortunately. But when I’m travelling I read and I read and I read. And I love it. To me, books and travelling go together like bacon and egg – you can have them seperaterly but bringing them together is twice as good!


Me, captivated by ‘Beirut, I love you – a Memoir’ (Zena El Khalil) in a cosy tapas bar in Barcelona, Spain

I always underestimate my own reading abilities and the pace in which I devour the books I bring when I travel. So I always end up buying more books. But I’m also very guilty in buying too many books. I just cant help it. Whenever I enter at small, cosy bookstore in the streets of Amsterdam, or a huge, 3-floor Barnes&Noble in Edinburgh, I spent hours and hours browsing around and I always end up buying way more than I should.

Now that you know my little side-addiction (travelling being my main addiction, obviously), I’ll tell you about the books I plan to bring on my next trip. Since I will be going to Bali for 2.5 months I try to bring a lot of English books – it opens up for the oppotunity to ‘trade’ books with other travellers I meet.


This book is a cliché, and I think that almost every woman has seen the movie at least once and dreamt of doing the same as the main character in it. The book is about a woman travelling to Italy, India and – surprise surprise – Bali. I have seen the movie a coupple of times and know everything that happens in it. But since 1/3 of the book is taking place in Ubud in Bali, which is the exact city I’ll live in for the main part of my stay, I thought it would be fun to read the book.


I first heard the story about Robyn Davidson (oh yes, it’s a true story – how crazy is that) when I went to Australia in Autumn 2014. I was so impressed by the story and my wanderlust hit me imediately, even though I was travelling at the time. I knew I had to know more about her and her story! But the trip in Australia continued, I experienced a lot of amazing things and when I went back to Denmark, I’d forgotten all about Robyn Daivdson and her journey. But then a few weeks ago I stumbled upon her book ‘Tracks’, which is her own memoir of the journey and I just knew right there that I had to bring it on my next trip. So that’s what I’m going to do, and I can’t wait to start reading!


I must admit that I’ve already begun reading this one. But I’ve been so busy the past few days with all my planning and packing for Bali that I haven’t got the chance to really sit down and immerse myself into the book – so to say. I think I’ve read 20 or 25 pages and so far it’s veeery promising!


I read Tom Rachman’s first book ‘The Imperfectionists’ a few years ago and I just loved it. It was a real page-turner! So when ‘The Rise and Fall of Great Powers’ came out, I knew I had to get my hands on it. Unfortunately I’m not rich and I rarely buy books at their full price. So when I found his second book as a pocket book I bought it right away. I’m really looking forward to read this and just to give you an apetizer of how great this book is (or how great I suppose it will be…) I’ve found an extract from about the book:

“The Rise & Fall of Great Powers begins in a dusty bookshop. What follows is an abduction, heated political debate, glimpses into strangers’ homes, and travel around the globe. It’s a novel of curious personalities, mystery, and lots of books: volumes that the characters collect, covet, steal.”

Now my only problem is which one of the book I’ll start out with 😉

My very first shark dive!

Last spring I travelled around the world with a friend, and one of our stops were the Fiji Islands. We both had diver certificates and Fiji being mostly water seemed a perfect place to spent a lot of time diving. I think we had 10 or 12 dives all in all during the two weeks we were there. And one of them were a shark dive!

From the snorkel trip with the ‘small’ sharks some days before the thrilling ‘big shark’ dive

We actually hadn’t planned or even thought about diving with real sharks – and by real sharks, I mean 4-5 meter long bull sharks! Yeah, not kidding! We had celebrated my friends bithday by staying a day longer on an island, and planned a last dive before heading back to the main island on the last day. In the evening we asked some of the staff to set up the dive for us, and they told us to come to the reception the next where someone from an island near by would pick us up. When we boarded the small boat we expected it to be a quite dive with beautiful corals. But no – when we were half way to the dive site and the dive instructor had finished telling us about the dive site he added “Oh yeah, I there are sharks out there”. At first we got a little scared, but then we remembered the harmless 1-2 meter long sharks we had been snorkelling with a coupple of days earlier. But we were wrong – we were so wrong!

The dive itself were really amazing! Not only did we see lots of sharks. We also saw a turtle(!), swam through a small cave and were all alone together with the instructor. It was one of the best dives – except for some problems with my regulator in the middle of the dive. Mine broke and I had to change over to the instructor’s regulator and swim under him for the rest of the dive. I didn’t really think about the severity of the situation before we talked about the amazing shark dive later on – which was good, because panic would clearly not have made a situation with a broken regulator better in 18 meters depth.

Anyways I made a video from the shark dive with my GoPro – BUT this is my first ever GoPro video so I’m so sorry about the bad cutting etc 😛


Heaven on Earth

I went to Australia a while ago and travelled around in the North for about 3 weeks and then went to the east coast. I was in Cairns for a few days – and then I went to paradise!

Okay, that might be an exaggeration, but after spending 3 weeks in desert like areas in the Northern and Central parts of Australia it felt like it. It is a quite luxurious place and when we arrived (me and my family) we were greeted with delicious drinks and a short guide around the area. And everything was amazing! We were going to stay in small cottages on poles in the middle of the rainforest. The little heaven on Earth is called Silky Oaks Lodge.

Normally I like to spent money on experiences and not accomondation, but on longer trips I normally book one stay in a above-average hotel 😉

To give you a chance to see how amazing the Silky Oaks Lodge was to stay at, look at the picture below. And I almost forgot! The dishes at the restaurant itself costed more than I normally use on meals in a whole day, so prepare yourself for that, if you consider staying at the lodge.

The amazing lodge

The just as amazing bed😍

The view from the bed

A very dark picture of me enjoying my dinner and a glass of wine

Tea and candles were put in the lodge every evening✨

A pic from one of the small hikes in the area

The lunch spot on the hike

Me enjoying afternoon tea (I am not kidding you, it was like being in a British colony getaway kind of place)

Me in my bathroom and on my way to a magnificent spa treatment😍