Practical checklist

It doesn’t matter if you are planning a longer journey or just a week off to somewhere sunny – there are always plenty of things to remember, which to me means too many things to forget. Even though I would describe myself as a seasoned traveller (my age taken in consideration) I always manage to forget something whenever I’m planning my next journey. I’m not talking about forgetting a bikini or my hiking boots. I mean I forget updating my insurance, leave my international drivers license at home or something like that. If you are like me fear not my dear! I’m here to save you – or at least to try and help you.


  • Make sure your passport aren’t about to expire!
  • Take a look at your insurance. Does it cover the part of the world you are travelling to? If you are into adrenalin adventures like bungy jumping or skydiving, does it cover? And what do you have to do in an emergency? If you have any doubt just contact your insurance company, and I’m sure they’ll be happy to help you
  • Ask you doctor about the vaccinations you need. Some vaccinations have to be given twice and over a longer period of time, so as soon as you now the dates and countries for you journey, contact your local clinic. And be aware that some of the prices for the vaccinations can be pretty spicy so remember to make them part of your budget.
  • Be sure you know were your cards, ids etc are. E.g. diver’s license, international driver’s license, student id.


  • Take a look at your insurance and make sure it covers the part of the world you are going to visit.
  • Do take a look at your passports expirery date
  • Remember to look at the local holidays to make sure the musuems or attractions you are going to visit aren’t closed when you’re there.


I’ve probably forgotten some things on the lists, but they might help you a little bit anyway 🙂



Little Italy in Sweden

I live in the Eastern part of Denmark, which is very close to Sweden. It takes about 20 minutes by car across the bridge in Copenhagen to get to Malmö (third largest city in Sweden). I go there with my family every year and we always visit the same, Italian restaurant – La Trattoria.

Everything about this little pearl is just magnificent! There are only like 10 or 15 tables inside the room and the kitchen looks so small as well. When you step in there you might as well be in Rome – except from the Swedish words coming from all around the room when you step in. The walls are filled with pictures from the owner’s hometown and on the bar you’ll find bottled olive oil from the family’s farm in Italy – ready to be bought.

After being seated at one of the tables with the mandatory checkered tablecloths and candlelight the waiter hands over the menus to you and from there on it’s all up to you to indulge in the amazing food! My personal favorite is the Antipasto Misto and Pane All’Aglio which is perfect to share for apetizers. As a main you have to try the Frutti Di Mare or one of the perfect pizzas! And if you’d like a dessert the pannacotta is to die for!

Oh, and did I mention that they have their own little super cute car?


What to drink were

It’s no secret that I’m very fond of drinking. Not binge drinking, but enjoying a glass of wine, indulging in a gin tonic or dreaming myself away to Cuba while sipping a mojito. So I thought why take a small trip around the world but in beverages instead of by plane? It’s not quite the same, but you might still manage to get at feeling of flying if you drink enough 😉 But be careful! The landing might not be as pleasant as it often is with a plane.


To me tequila is a road to disaster. Does not taste good, it makes you crazy and yet you drink so much of it. Which is why I was very sceptic when a friend of mine served tequila after a dinner just like you would serve a dessert wine. But no he was not joking. The tequila was brought in Mexico by his sister, and he explained to me that it actually tasted very different from the transparent, water-looking tequila they normally serve in bars. I thought maybe he was right – I mean the colour was different, and the bottle didn’t have a stupid little red had on the top. So he poured it and I wouldn’t say it immediatly became my new favorite drink, but it was not that bad actually. It actually tasted like okay and there wasn’t that nasty taste in you mouth afterwards. So just board the drinking plane, buy a proper bottle of tequila and your view on tequila will be changed forever (or at least till the next time someone hands you one of the nasty water-coloured shots together with some salt and a slices of lemon).


I really like champagne. And I’m not talking about the trashy bubbly lemonade-ish “champagne” you can buy in supermarkets. I talk about real champagne. Everything about it is different. Without sounding like a snob, real champagne just has something about it that makes everything better – your mood, your conversations, your smile. The taste is so tasty and rich! It makes you feel like you’re on a small balcony somewhere in the middle of France – if you use your imagination or drink a lot of it.But it isn’t cheap so just buy it whenever you really deserve it or has someting to celebrate.


This is probably one of my favorite summer drinks. It just tastes like summer. The fresh fruit, the wine, the juice – yum! And then you can be a bit experimental with it. Make it with white wine or rose, and the add whatever fruits you’d like! There are so many possiblities and you can almost never go wrong. Furthermore almost anybody likes sangria, and it really gets you in a good mood. It’s like a combination of fruit salat and wine!  What else could you ask for on a hot summerday? Oh, and just a tip – pair it with some tapas. I mean who doesn’t like tapas?

… of course there are a huge amount of other drinks you can indulge in this summer, but that’ll have to wait for another day! Enjoy the sun and enjoy the drinks!