MoMa, my love

I love museums! Since I was a little girl my parents have always brought me to all kinds of museums. From small, local history museums to huge, well-known museums like the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. I must admit that sometimes I was a bit bored, but I still appreciated the visits, and still do. Today I’m so grateful they brought me! Everywhere I go in the world I always visit museums and gosh I love it. Of course some museums are better than others. It’s not only what’s in the museuems I find interesting – often the building in which the museum is located can be very beautiful or extraordinary itself. And example of a museum that got it all is MoMa!


If you know a little bit about New York or museums (in general) you’ve heard about it. I visited MoMa for the first time last summer and it was so amazing. Even though I had the a horrible headache I enjoyed it so much! From the moment you see the building from the outside you just know that you’re in for something special. And when you get inside you wont get dissapointed I promise you! Furthermore the art is always changing and very modern – which I really like.

So the next time you go to New York, pay MoMa a visit. Even if you’ve been there before it’s always worth another.




Travel journals

When I was a little girl my mom always told me to write a little something every night whenever we were on a holiday. Just what I had been doing that day, what I’d seen or something new I’d tried or tasted. Sometimes I hated it – I was just tired and didn’t really want to. But God! I’m so glad I did what my momma told me! First of all it is so nice to be able to look back at all my family vacations/holidays and read about what we’d been up to. Often you forget about small incidents – something special you’ve met, something extraordinary you’ve seen,  or maybe just something you’ve overheard on a small café. I really appreciate all my travel diaries more and more with time. Apart from that it has followed me throughout my whole life so far (okay, okay I’m only 20 – but it still counts). Every time I travel – even though it’s only short weekend trips – I write a travel journal. It can be nice to end a journey or trip with looking back into the journal you’ve been writing while on the trip, but it is just as nice to read the years after.

To me it is kind of meditative to write and I’ve always had something for pretty little notebooks. Earlier on I used the funniest, prettiest or most colourful notebook to write my travel journal in. But a coupple of years ago I got my eyes up for Moleskine. They make the loveliest notebooks you can imagine. And yes. You always have to pay for it! But it’s worth it if you ask me. It feels so good to write in something as simple yet good as a Moleskine notebook. Therefore I have a whole bunch of Moleskine notebooks filled with memories and notes from my travelling. On my longer journeys I bring two different ones – one ruled and one blank. One to write in and one to draw in. My drawing skills are not anything to write home about but I often enjoy LAVE KRUSEDULLER OG SMÅ SKRAVLERIER.

If you are not already writing a travel diary/journal I suggest you to start doing it! I bet you’ll thank yourself in the future J


Fiji adventure

Last spring I took off on a trip around the world. One of the many stops was Fiji. But Fiji is just not one stop. There are more than 300 islands of different sizes! My friend and I went on a islands hopping trip and stayed on 6 different islands throughout the 14 days we were there – but we could have spent forever exploring the many islands! When sailing around you feel like there is no end to the amount of islands emerging in the horizont. Some small, some big. Some vulcanic, some beachy, some full of forests and small cottages.

Wherever you go on Fiji you are met by the following four things:

  1. So. Much. Happiness
    It seems as if everybody on Fiji is just happy all the time. No matter where you are you will be met by a smiling face or somebody wanting to help you. It is so wonderful and you can’t help but feel welcome at the Fiji islands!
  2. Sun all the time (almost)
    It is often too hot (for me) to stay in the sun mid day, but then you can just enjoy the ocean or some of the hammocks that are place on a lot of the islands. Or you can enjoy some of the many activities offered on the different islands. When I was there I went diving 10 times, but if you dont have a diver’s certificate you can just snorkel and still see a lot of magnificent things. I would very muc recommend you to visit one of the islands where you can see stingrays! It is so amazing to snorkel above the huge, mesmerizing animals.
  3. Traditions and lovely food
    Together with the lovely people comes a lot of really delicious dishes! You must try them all! The Fijians can really cook some damn good food. Furthermore there are a lot of tradition which they’ll gladly tell you more about. You also must try kava if you go to Fiji. But let me warn you: it tastes exactly the way it looks.
  4. Cheap drinks
    A lot of the islands have some very cheap prices when it comes to alcohol, so before you go to Fiji, make up your mind: are you going there to party or to relax or a third thing? When you’ve decided upon it ask about the different islands you plan on visiting at the bureau you are planning through or at the tourist information when you get there. It’s a nasty surprise to get to a party island if you just want to relax and watch the beautiful sunrises.

But I can’t describe how wonderfull Fiji is actually. So I guess you have to go there!