Like a wet kiss

The very first time I went scuba diving I was in Spain. A small, local company took people diving, and I was the only one on the trip who hadn’t been diving with scuba gear before. I was so excited but also a bit worried – none of the instructors could speaking English. At least they tried and when I got in the water I had a blast! It was amazing and I had so much fun. Right before I jumped in the water one of the guys on the boat said: “Diving is like a wet kiss. You love it and want more or you detest it and never come back”. And I loved it, my god it was amazing. From the very moment I got out of the water I started planning on getting a diver’s certificate.

Me after my first scuba dive in Spain (2013)

I took my diver’s certificate through PADI and had some really talented and sweet ‘teachers’ from Masterdive in Helsinore. The course was in Danish but a lot of resorts in Egypt, Thailand, Spain etc. offer similar courses. PADI is one of the largest firms offering diver’s certification and you are sure you get what you pay for. Furthermore their instructors are really skilled and spread out across the world. To me it meant a great deal to me that even though I went to the other side of the world and dived on small islands in Fiji, the instructors knew exactly what I’m capable of because they know the PADI courses and the different levels within the PADI system. I would recommend PADI to anyone considering to become a certified diver. Oh, and then they have a lot of extra courses which sound so exciting! Eg. wreck diver, underwater videograph or night diver!

After getting my certificate in 2014 I’ve been diving at Great Barrier Reef(3 times) and Fiji(4 times). Unfortunately I live in Denmark and the water is really cold, so I find it a bit boring to dive here.

But if you takes to water like a duck then consider trying out scuba diving. A lot of dive places offers short dives where you’re in the water with an instructor only focusing on you. It’s a great way to figure out if it’s something you’d like to take to the next level (read: take a course). Even though you like water it can be difficult to get used to breathing underwater and a try dive is the perfect way to give it .. a try.






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